They’ll figure out real early if he wants to put in the work or not.

NFL players are smart, one NFL coach said. That’s what we mean by, ‘Does he love ball?’ Is he going to be the guy working his ass off to get better?

Rosen played at a high level at UCLA. He battled through injuries, and his work ethic was never questioned. But the knock on him, from some, has been that his expressed interests in Wall Street and things other than football might keep him from improving as a quarterback. Of course, no one said that when Andrew Luck was carting around books about the history of concrete. But, for instance, scouts did love that Carson Wentz and Mitchell Trubisky had few interests outside of football and hunting.

It’s not a new concern with Rosen. In fact, in a summer 2017 interview with B/R, he even addressed it, saying, If I didn’t love the game, I wouldn’t be out here getting my ass kicked.

Stephen was a seventh-round pick in 2014 and played in 52 games for the Vikings over the last four years. He was a starter in 2016, but moved back into a reserve role last season while appearing in 15 regular season games and one playoff contest. He had 28 tackles and a sack in those outings.

Stephen and Johnson join Jarran Reed and Nazair Jones at defensive tackle for the Seahawks. 2017 second-round pick Malik McDowell could also figure into the mix, although his health is a question mark after last year’s ATV accident.

Foster also said Payton asked to speak to Foster’s girlfriend. According to Foster, Payton asked the girlfriend, Are you going to be the guidance to be sure Reuben doesn’t get into trouble? Payton confirmed that, and said periodically over the years he asked a prospective player’s significant other if the Saints could count on her to help steer the player away from trouble.dolphins_081

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