Seahawks, Wilson could be on a Kirk Cousins-style collision

With all the talk about Aaron Rodgers‘ looming mega-deal, there’s another quarterback who, like Rodgers, has two years left on his current contract. Unlike Rodgers, there’s no momentum toward adjusting the other quarterback’s deal.

The other quarterback is Russell Wilson, and his contract situation eventually could get messy.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the current expectation from Wilson’s perspective is that he’ll finish his current deal and receive the franchise tag in 2020. Based on his 2019 cap number of $25.286 million, it will cost the Seahawks $30.34 million to keep him for another season after the expiration of his current deal.

His original plan to get noticed was to start training immediately on the west coast and hope to land in one of the NFL’s regional combines. When the league announced it wouldn’t be holding those this year, panic mode set in and the offensive lineman had to figure out the next course of action.

Growing up in Windsor would turn out be yet another blessing for Shepley though. There’s an NFL rule that states if a prospect went to high school within 50 miles of an NCAA school’s facility, he can attend that team’s pro day. The only caveat was he needed to be specifically requested by at least two NFL teams.

“My whole plan of action was to train as hard as I could,” Shepley said. “I knew I had some of the tools to test well already, I just needed to work on those in the months leading up to the Pro Day.

I think in Eric’s case and even Kaepernick’s case they’re good enough players to be out there and having a job, Namath said.

Why aren’t they? I don’t know. I don’t believe in the collusion though, I think the NFL is smarter than that.

Namath did not explain why he thinks teams haven’t signed the players.

Edge rusher: Clayborn was a good get, but he did most of his sack damage for the Falcons in a situational rotational role. Returning end Trey Flowers led a productive committee with 6 1/2 of the team’s 42 sacks, but New England’s pass rush overall last season was inconsistent.

Cornerback: McCourty replaces Butler in the short term, but he becomes a 31-year-old free agent in 2019. Behind Stephon Gilmore and McCourty, there’s Eric Rowe, also in a contract year, and not much else. That makes corner a priority position for multiple selections.giants_146