Former Steelers standout LB James Harrison retires

Longtime Steelers standout linebacker James Harrison, who’ll turn 40 on May 4, announced his retirement via social media early Monday.

He previously announced his retirement four years ago, only to return.

Seattle is looking at the top quarterbacks in this draft as well as the top defenders, but it’s hard to imagine them passing on offensive line early. It’s too much of a need, and O’Neill can play left or right tackle.

Sutton and the Cowboys have been linked together for a while, and with Dez Bryant gone, the pairing makes more sense than ever. Sutton needs refinement, but he has No. 1 receiver potential.

The Lions’ running game last year was atrocious. While they could add a top rusher like Derrius Guice, they’d be wise to focus on their offensive line first and foremost. They can then look to the middle rounds for a runner who can take advantage of the improved blocking.

While the Steelers are putting off their latest round of Le’Veon Bell negotiations until after the draft, the running back specified the offer he received last year.

Bell said the Steelers offered him a deal at last July’s deadline that averaged $13.3MM per year, Jeremy Fowler of reports. This differs slightly from the reports that emerged indicating Bell turned down a deal that would have paid him $30MM over the first two years.

After adding an offensive tackle with their earlier first-round pick, the Patriots addressing their secondary would be wise. Reid can play either safety spot and slide into a nickel cornerback role, all long-term needs for New England.

Isaiah Wynn, OL, Georgia: The current starting guard options on Detroit’s roster are uninspiring, which makes the position a priority in the draft. Wynn is a versatile option, having played left tackle for the Bulldogs last season, but he’s best suited for the inside at the pro level because of his height. If the Lions place a premium on athleticism at the position, with a focus on pulling and getting to the second level, Wynn would be a good fit.dolphins_018