Al Riveron: New helmet rule won’t lead to ejection-fest

The impact of the NFL’s new rule regarding the use of the helmet will be closely watched once games start being played this year.

The rule bars players from lowering their heads to initiate contact and NFL officiating head Al Riveron was clear that it covers everyone on the field from offensive linemen to safeties when he spoke to Peter King for this week’s Football Morning in America column.

One aspect of the change is that a player can be ejected if he lowers his head to establish a linear body posture prior to making contact with the head, has an unobstructed path to his opponent, and could have avoided contact. Riveron does not believe the new rule will lead to an ejection-fest, but does expect it to be a trying transition at times.

Foles didn’t stray from that path during a conversation with Peter King for his inaugural Football Morning in America column for NBC Sports. Foles called himself very happy about his situation and said that going to a team that traded high draft picks for him might not have been the best fit for me, but none of that means Foles didn’t notice other people cashing in this offseason.

It was hard to watch other players — quarterbacks in particular — sign massive contracts in the weeks following the Super Bowl. On a daily basis, I have to fight the internal battle to keep my priorities straight, Foles wrote in his new book Believe It: My Journey of Success, Failure and Overcoming the Odds.

Foles reworked his contract for 2018 to position himself to make more money in the event he is back in the starting lineup and he can hit free agency in 2019, which Foles said he likes because you have a choice in your future that doesn’t exist if you get traded. You also have a chance to sign one of those massive contracts even if you’re further removed from a starring role in a Super Bowl win.

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